You’re Invited to a Phillips Food Justice Table Dec 1

Dear People Who Live and Work in Phillips,

My name is David Boehnke and I'm part of a small, multi-racial group of
Phillips neighbors that have been meeting for 8 months, supporting each
others backyard gardens, doing a food distribution every Sunday at 2pm at
Peavey Park, and working to create a safe community outside of policing. As
part of our work, we want to bring together all the exciting food organizing
going on in Phillips to meet each and figure out how we can build together.

You are cordially invited to a Roundtable Discussion on Food Justice in
Phillips on Thursday December 1st, 7-9pm at the Waite House Community Room,
2529 13th Avenue S, Minneapolis.

This roundtable will convene people who are active in organizations and
projects that impact the Phillips food system. The goal of this gathering is
to connect our knowledge, resources and work to build more neighborhood
capacity around food justice.

At the December roundtable, we will:

  – Learn about each others work
  – Hear a proposed framework for food justice
  – Agree upon shared goals for building capacity in the neighborhood
  – Discuss what each of us can offer toward those goals and formulate next

We envision the group reconvening once more in February to line everything
up for moving into the spring and to give ourselves time to engage new
leadership in Phillips.

We'd also like to invite you to be part of the process of building for this
event, specifically by sitting down and talking about the work you do, what
you're about, and giving your feedback on the process above and vision
below, and inviting additional participants.

Please RSVP to along with times you can meet up to chat
as this meeting will only be as good as the efforts that go into it.  We are
excited to meet you and to see what can come of neighbors working together.

David Boehnke and other neighbors

* *

*Vision for a Phillips Food Justice TableDraft to Circulate for Feedback*

We, Phillips residents seek to

1. Grow access to fresh, healthy, food as a community resource for ourselves
and our neighbors.

2. Produce food as a step in our community taking back ownership of the
systems required for our survival and prosperity.

3. Center the interests and leadership of those most impacted by the systems
in which we live, who are also the mainstream of Phillips, working class
people, people of color in particular

4. Ensure that the benefits of food production are equitably distributed and
contribute to neighborhood development, not neighborhood displacement
through gentrification.

5. Organize with the broader vision of everyday people in Phillips taking
back our power to address the whole range of issues that affect us, and
doing so such that wenot the city government, businesses, or
nonprofitscontrol the process.

To achieve these goals, we seek to create a neighborhood-wide process to
bring together people across Phillips to strengthen existing networks, build
new ones, and increase our capacity to bring about concrete benefits for
people in Phillips. We envision goal setting around backyard gardening,
urban farming, food preservation, animal husbandry, food distribution,
composting, and more.