Winter Parking Restrictions are Over for 2014!

Winter Parking Restrictions end in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has lifted the Winter Parking Restrictions, so normal parking rules now apply on most city streets. Drivers should still be sure to follow all posted signs when they park.

The restrictions were put in place on Feb. 23 after snow accumulations narrowed many streets, making it difficult for fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles to navigate in some neighborhoods. Limiting parking to one side of most neighborhood streets created more reliable access for emergency responses.

Our recent milder temperatures and sunnier days have melted snow along city streets, widening them far enough that the fire chief, Public Works officials and other public safety officials have determined the restrictions can be lifted. In the few areas where additional parking restrictions were posted using temporary signs, there will be a transition period of about a week in which those signs will be removed or replaced. As always, drivers should continue to follow any posted parking signs as long as they are in place.

For real-time information for lane closures and construction in downtown Minneapolis, see the right-of-way permiting map.