Weekly Update and Police Strategy in Targeted Enforcement Areas in Phillips

9 offenders have been arrested a combined 545 times! 

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Targeted Enforcement Area Crime Strategy

   This week our Community Response Team (CRT) implemented a new strategy to address the 

ongoing drug, prostitution and other crimes in our three targeted enforcement areas: E 23rd St 

and 13th Av., 29th St. – 14th & 15th Aves. and in/around the Peavey Park area.

   CRT and Beat officers have identified twenty-nine (29) of the most prolific offenders.

Officers will focus on these offenders daily, doing surveillance and making arrests whenever 

possible. Officers have adopted a zero tolerance policy. Over the last 3 days we have 

arrested 30 plus people in the three enforcement areas; a couple of them more than 


  We will continue to work with the City and County Attorneys on Geographic Restrictions and 

Court Watch, as arrests are made.

  In addition, our Problem Property Officers and the Sector Crime Prevention Specialist will 

continue to address specific problem properties in the areas. We have nine (9) problem 

properties in the three target areas. 

   The community must have a vital role in this strategy. We will be putting out requests 

for community impact statements. We can meet with residents a do them together. You can do 

them anonymously. We will be devoting time at the next Criminal Justice Partners meeting (July 



at St. Paul’s Church – 28


St. and 15


Ave So.) for updates and discussion about how to do 

community impact statements. 

   On Tuesday (July 10


) nine offenders were arrested at Chicago/Franklin and Oakland/Franklin. 

Between them, these individuals had been arrested 545 times for a wide variety of crimes. 

   We must have your input about the impact of these crimes on your life and on the 

community.  We need you to write community impact statements that can go to the 

judges at the time of sentencing.  Without your input, the revolving door will continue 

to turn