Weekly Police Update Phillips Area, 10-19-12

Here is the latest 3rd Precinct, Sector 1 (Phillips Area) report from CPS Don Greeley. The text is below; to see this as an easy to read document, press the control key and click on this link: 12-SectorUpdate_10.19.12.pdf.

Please note Don’s information about the recent increase in burglary in the 4 Phillips neighborhoods. Many of the 19 incidents were unforced, meaning that doors or windows were left open. So one simple prevention technique is to consistently keep doors and windows locked.

Let me know if you represent a business that would like a security evaluation.   

Please share this message with anyone who would be interested. Thanks for your interest in reducing crime! And please let me know if you have questions or don’t want to receive this report from me in the future.

John R. Baumann

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Minneapolis Police Department

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Phillips Community Update


Sector One – 3rd Precinct – Minneapolis Police Dept.

Oct. 19, 2012

East Phillips – Midtown Phillips – Phillips West – Ventura Village Neighborhoods

………. Highlights ……….

3rd Precinct Officers did an undercover prostitution detail on 13th and Lake Street.


Six ”Johns” (customers) were arrested.

We’ve had Officers out on every shift doing short foot beats in high crime areas. This last week we did 78 beats. Typically this means part of every hour, out on foot in our Targeted Enforcement areas.


We’ve been focusing a lot of activity in area around Peavey Park including Park Ave between Franklin and 18th St. due to an increase in drug activity.



Over the last month or so, there’s been a significant increase in residential burglary in the four neighborhoods in Phillips. Burglary means entering someone’s home, garage or business to commit a crime – usually stealing items of value. We’ve had 19 burglaries throughout the Sector. Most occurred during daytime hours. About half of them were “forced” (i.e. broke a window, forced a door, etc.)

We can do a free Home Security evaluation of your home. Good physical security is the best defense against burglars.

Just contact me – Don Greeley.

Questions: Contact CPS Don Greeley at 673-3482