Midtown Phillips is literally surrounded by public transportation as well as a major bike highway and major streets.



Chicago & 27th St Nice Ride Midtown Bike Center


On the East side of Midtown lies Bloomington Ave which is home to Metrotransit’s #14 bus, running approximately every 1/2 hour on a North – South route.  The 14 also goes East-West along Franklin from 11th Ave to Bloomington Ave.  It will take you downtown and to Cedar Points Commons in Richfield.

On the West side of Midtown lies Chicago Ave which is home to Metrotransit’s #5 bus, running every 10-15 minutes on a North-South route. The 5 runs from Brooklyn Center, through Downtown and ends at the Mall of America. Chicago also has the #39 which connects Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Abbott, and downtown via Portland, Park, and Chicago.  It runs only during rush hour every 15-30 minutes.

On the South side of Midtown is Lake Street, which is home to Metrotransit’s #21 and #53buses.  The 21 is a local stop bus that runs East-West on Lake Street every 10-15 minutes.  The 53 is an express bus that runs East-West on Lake Street about every 1/2 hour.  It stops at the Chicago-Lake Transit Center and at Bloomington Ave.  Both buses start at the Uptown Station and run to Downtown St. Paul.



A map of bus stops as of 2/2011

The North side of Midtown is 24th St, which currently is just a regular street.  The city has done some initial planning to make 24th Street a Bike Corridor, in part because there are pedestrian/bike bridges over 35W and Hiawatha Ave.  A little farther north on Franklin Ave the #9#2, and #14 buses travel.

The #27 bus cuts through the middle of Midtown on the 26th & 28th Street corridor. This route has changed a view times, but currently runs every 1/2 hour following the one way direction of 26th (heading West) and 28th (heading East) making loops that includeLake Street Light Rail Transit Station and Wells Fargo Home Mortagage.



As noted above, 24th Street is being considered for a bike corridor. Otherwise, there are currently no bike lanes in Midtown Phillips. Though we do house the bike super-highway: Midtown Greenway.  The Greenway runs in the trench next to 29th Ave East-West through Midtown. It is maintained year round and can have enough bike traffic to have rush hours and mini-traffic jams!

Situated on the Greenway, between 10th & Chicago the Midtown Freewheel Bike Center is a local hub of bike activity.

A recent addition to the Minneapolis bike community is the Nice Ride Bike Sharing program.  For the 2010 season, Midtown housed 2 bike kiosks with several others very close.  As of this writing, the 2011 kiosk map hasn’t been finalized, but should only be adding to the kiosk list, not subtracting. The two kiosks are located on Chicago Ave about half-way down the 2600 block on the East side next to Abbott and on the West side of the Midtown Global Market (in between it and the Chicago-Lake Transit Station).  Details of the 2011 Midtown expansion can be found here.

Nice Ride Expansion in Midtown
Proposed 2011 Kiosk MapRed are proposed new, blue were 2010 season.

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