Survey for the Phillips Community Center Pool

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, in 2008 the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
(MPRB) re-took possession of the Phillips Community Center Pool and
Gym building located on 24th Street in Minneapolis, in the Ventura
Village neighborhood. This building has a 6-lane indoor swimming pool
that is currently closed and in need of rehabilitation. The City of
Minneapolis allocated $1.5 million to repair the roof, boiler system,
and ventilation system of this building, and to fill the swimming pool
with concrete. The neighborhoods united and we were successful in
stopping the destruction of the pool.

We are currently conducting a feasibility study to determine how the
pool can be restored. Part of the process is to establish a compelling
reason to save it based on a strong community demand for use.
Minneapolis Swims has created an online survey form to collect data to
help fill the usage grids for the pool.  This information is needed as
part of the feasibility study to document the neighborhood interest in
the pool.  We need to be able to demonstrate to the MPRB that there is
sufficient interest in the pool to justify the costs necessary to
renovate and operate it.  This is very important information.  Please
don’t be put off by the registration process.  It only takes a couple
minutes to fill out the form.

If you, your family, or your organization, are interested in using
this pool, please go to the Minneapolis Swims website and fill out
this form.  And spread the word.  The more people who fill out this
form, the better we will be able to justify the cost of restoring the
pool, plus we will have more information to create a schedule that
will best meet the needs of the most people.  The survey button is on
the far right side of the main menu.  Click on “I need to register” at
the bottom of the login page.

Thank you!  And spread the word!  The more, the better.


Hannah Lieder
Director, Minneapolis Swims