Survey: Connecting with Neighbors

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Connections between neighbors in the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood.

Midtown Phillips Residents and Friends, Below is a survey about community-building with neighbors that I am sending out to the MPNAI email list on behalf of Midtown Phillips resident Ben Tucker. He is giving the survey for a class project. The survey is not sponsored by the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, but will provide helpful information for us to reference. If you fill out the survey, your e-mail address and responses will remain anonymous. If you would like a copy of the results, please e-mail Ben Tucker at Thanks, Jacy Hildreth MPNAI Secretary Please complete this short thirteen question survey about the connections between Midtown Phillips residents by Tuesday January 24. It should take about five minutes. All survey responses and email addresses will remain anonymous. Responses to questions about age, race and gender will help show whether survey respondents are representative of the neighborhood as a whole, but you can leave them blank if you choose. Any resident of the Midtown Phillips neighborhood may answer the survey, including members of the same household. Thank you for your time and involvement. –Ben Tucker

1. How long have you lived in the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood?

  • a. Under 1 year
  • b. 1-5 years
  • c. 5-10 years
  • d. 10-20 years
  • e. Over 20 years

2. Which east-west cross street is closest to your home?

  • a. 24th Street
  • b. 25th Street
  • c. 26th Street
  • d. 27th Street
  • e. 28th Street
  • f. 29th Street
  • g. Lake Street

3. Which north-south cross street is closest to your home?

  • a. Chicago Ave.
  • b. Elliot Ave.
  • c. 10th Ave.
  • d. 11th Ave.
  • e. 12th Ave.
  • f. 13th Ave.
  • g. 14th Ave.
  • h. 15th Ave.
  • i. Bloomington Ave.

4. Are you female or male?

  • a. female
  • b. male

5. What is your age?

  • a. under 18
  • b. 18-25
  • c. 26-35
  • d. 36-45
  • e. 46-55
  • f. 56-65
  • g. 66-75
  • h. over 75

6. Which of these describe your ethnicity most accurately? Please check as many boxes as are applicable.

  • a. African
  • b. African American
  • c. American Indian or Native American
  • d. Asian
  • e. Hispanic or Latino
  • f. White
  • Other:

7. Roughly what percentage of your neighbors who live on your block do you know?

  • a. 75-100%
  • b. 50-75%
  • c. 25-50%
  • d. 0-25%

8. Of the Neighbors you know, how did you initially connect with them? Choose all that apply

  • a. Through a block club
  • b. Through children or other family members
  • c. We share the same ethnic background
  • d. They live adjacent to me
  • e. We share the same socioeconomic background
  • f. We share common community goals for the neighborhood
  • Other:

9. How satisfied are you with the safety of the neighborhood?

  • a. quite satisfied
  • b. satisfied
  • c. somewhat satisfied
  • d. unsatisfied

10. How do you feel about the amount of contact you have with your neighbors?

  • a. More than I would like
  • b. As much as I would like
  • c. Somewhat less than I would like
  • d. Much less than I would like

11. How effective are block clubs at helping your neighbors connect? (Block clubs are neighborhood groups sponsored by the police department that provide a way for neighbors to work together to improve their neighborhoods and decrease crime)

  • a. Very effective
  • b. Effective
  • c. Somewhat effective
  • d. Ineffective

Which of these are significant barriers to neighbors connecting more? Choose all that apply

  • a. Busyness
  • b. Cultural differences
  • c. Lack of interest
  • d. Lack of opportunity to meet neighbors
  • Other:

13. Are the connections between your neighbors enough to support a healthy neighborhood?

  • a. More than enough to support a healthy neighborhood
  • b. Enough to support a healthy neighborhood
  • c. Not enough to support a healthy neighborhood
  • d. Not nearly enough to support a healthy neighborhood
  • e. I am not sure

Optional: If you were interested helping form a block club, which of these would you see as obstacles? Choose all that apply (BTW, if you are interested in learning more about block clubs, please contact the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association)

  • a. Lack of time
  • b. I don't know my neighbors well enough
  • c. Lack of experience
  • d. Not sure where to get information on how to proceed
  • Other:

Optional: Please share anything that you believe would improve the connections between neighbors in the Midtown Phillips neighborhood.