Sign Up for your Local Food Resource Hubs Membership for 2014

Sign Up for your Local Food Resource Hubs Membership for 2014

Sign-up is now available for the 2014 Local Food Resource Hubs Membership! Sign up ONLINE HERE! You can also sign up in person when you pick up your seeds and plants. Check our website for more details and dates for pickups! If you were a member last year, you still need to renew your membership.As a member of the Local Food Resource Hubs, you get:
* Seed and plant bulk order discount
* Access to unlimited classes/skill-share
* Tool-lending library access
* Connected to other gardeners in your neighborhood, making it easier to share resources

How is this so affordable?!
Hub members (that’s you!) re-package bulk-ordered seeds mid-January to mid-March, and later members volunteer to organize and staff the mid-May distribution events.

We order the following varieties of seeds and plants. The distribution events are first come first served:

SEEDS: herbs: basil, dill, cilantro, parsley; beans: fresh & dried; beets;
broccoli raab; carrots; cucumbers; corn; greens: Swiss chard, collards,
mustard greens, Chinese cabbage, Chinese mustard, pac/boc choi,
mizuna, shizo, kale, lettuce; lemongrass; scallions; parsnips; peas: snow
pod , sugar snap; radish; spinach; squash: acorn, buttercup, pumpkin,
winter, zucchini; turnip; watermelon; cantaloupe

PLANTS: kale, collards, broccoli, cabbage, basil,
oregano, thyme, rosemary; hot peppers: jalapeno, ancho gigante,
habanero, thai hot (bird’s eye); sweet peppers: sweet chocolate,
Wisconsin lakes, jimmy nardello; tomatillo; eggplant: fairy tale, rosa
bianca, thai green; and tomatoes: valencia, brandywine, sungold
cherry, speckled roman, green zebra, and big beefsteak

* Make sure you check our Urban Agriculture Calendar regularly for an updated list of amazing events happening within your neighborhood Hub and all over the Twin Cities! To submit an event, please email details to