Phillips Online Forum

You are invited to join a new online, community forum that has been created to serve the Phillips Community: The Phillips Community Forum hosted on the website.

You can sign-up at the following web-address:

Other active forums surrounding Phillips include:
  • Seward
  • Powderhorn
  • Standish-Ericcson
  • Cedar-Riverside, and
  • the Minneapolis issues forum. 
The Cedar Riverside forum was recently featured in this article at TC Daily Planet.

The new Phillips Community Forum is meant to the serve the 4 Phillips neighborhoods – East, Midtown, West, and Ventura Village neighborhoods.

Through the support of, this issues forum has been created so neighbors can send messages to each other about important community topics, issues, and events specific to the Phillips community. Think of it as an open and inclusive message board that potentially everyone can read and participate in — whenever and where ever they are.
Topics might include, for example: 

  • neighborhood safety,
  • area schools
  • opportunities for youth, 
  • local public health issues and options,
  • area environmental concerns,
  • local development 
  • small business developments, 
  • community announcements from local cultural and civic organizations, 
  • other local issues and 
  • neighborhood life exchanges.

Unlike most online forms, the host ( requires civility and the use of real names. With active facilitation and’s tested civility rules, together we maintain a respectful discourse and positively encourage all in participating. Also, you may participate via e-mail or web. And two important rules keep message volume reasonable – no one may post more than twice in 24 hours and announcements must be either about events within the geographic boundaries of the neighborhoods or be made by direct participants in area community activities. While this forum is independent from any existing local organization, it is a compliment to the neighborhood associations. 

Please help bring together hundreds of our neighbors by passing on this invitation and visiting the website today –