November 15 Meeting of the Midtown Business Association

Sheraton Hotel
Noon – 1PM
Tuesday November 15th


Goal setting / Budget for 2012
2012 calendar items (events planned/dates)
Holiday wreath project team selection
Midtown Banner team selection
Vision for the Chicago Avenue Corridor (meeting tonight Tuesday nov 15th at 6:30- 8:30 St Mary's Event center 2540 Park Ave S ….former Zurah Shrine Center)
December meeting plans  Time/special event?
New business

A big THANK YOU! to our renewing members of the Midtown Business Association:

Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association
MMS Properties
Chicago Lake Dental
Sheraton Hotel
Mount Olive Lutheran Church

And our Holiday adopt-a-pole contributors:

Chciago Lake Dental


    Meeting Notice
    Midtown Business Association
    Tuesday, November 15, 2011
    Noon at the Sheraton Hotel, 2901 Chicago Ave. S.
    Midtown Business Association
    Next Meeting Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Minutes from October 18, 2011 meeting:
    After everybody had introduced themselves, Dave J. talked about the dues letter.  He sent out the copy without the “adopt a pole” line, so he’ll send the other version out.  Dave asked if the count from Ted was correct on the wreaths already owned–the city took one of them away as a sample.  Dave B. talked about the new Special Service District contract that was bid out by the city.  Four new trash cans (at $1500 per can, but should last much longer than the first batch of trash cans) were included in the budget.  There was discussion of the graffiti problem, which has really gotten bad again.  Julie said that some of the new fences are already getting rust spots on them.  Dave J. mentioned the fence barrier near Chicago-Lake Liquors’ front door being knocked down some time ago and still laying on the ground.
    Dave J. talked about the Lake St. Council fundraiser–still looking for silent auction items.  There was discussion of Lake St. Council’s “Museum in the Street” project for walking tours starting next year.  There will be 60 sites along the length of Lake St.
    The smoke testing of sewers in the Chicago-Lake area happened yesterday.
    John talked about a frequent problem person of the area who has now gone to prison.  He also said that the city council is considering a proposal to eliminate 5 crime prevention specialists, which would result in the closing of the Midtown Safety Center.  The mayor proposed it and the city council has to decide whether or not to go along with the proposal.  For this year there is enough money for rent, utilities, etc., but the funding is uncertain after this year.  Crime is down in the Midtown area about twice as much as it’s down for the entire precinct.  Ted suggested sending a letter to city council members and the mayor in support of the Safety Center.
    Dave J. wants Chicago-Lake to spend $2000 of the money in the Chicago-Lake Business Association account to buy 8 new wreaths.  Mark so moved, passed unanimously.  Wreaths should be up by Thanksgiving and probably come down around March.  The wreaths will be lit any time the streetlights are lit.
    Mark talked about Sunny’s remodeling.  The ceiling was raised from 9 feet to 16 feet.  The city wants the front of the building opened up, but the owner wants to wait until there is a new owner and let the new owner negotiate details with the city.
    Ted asked if the Smith Foundery problem has been resolved yet.  Nobody knew.
    The Unbank is moving 2 blocks into the former Butler site.  Minnesota International Medicine will be moving into the former Sears building next week.  A new restaurant will be moving into the former Jade site inside Global Marketplace soon.
    Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association had their annual meeting last week, elected a new board of directors, talked about the art fair, etc.

Don Blyly                Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore
Dave Johnson                Chicago Lake Dental
Mark Simon                Roberts Shoe Store
Baba Letang                Global Market
Julie Ingebretsen            Ingebretsen’s
Ben Liverca                U.S. Bank
Dave Burrill                Ryan Companies
Ted Muller                MMS Properties
Andy Fisness                Sheraton
John Bauman                Midtown Safety Center
Drew Saterdalen            Allina   
Becky Timm                PPNA