Notes from MPNAI March 19 Event Meeting

Summary from Marj:
Three events are on the calendar with lots of preparation necessary for each:1. Earth Day, April 26, 9am-1 pm, at Stewart Park.
Flyers are ready. The Park Board will provide breakfast, bags, and gloves. We provide the volunteers; the idea is to pick up trash in the surrounding streets to prevent it from going into the sewers. There will be no city trucks circulating; the trash that is picked up is to be brought to the park from which it will be picked up by a city truck. I heard secondhand that the Park Board could use 100 volunteers. (Seems like our block club could provide half of those).

2. Midtown Phillips Festival, July 26, noon to 8 p.m. at Stewart Park. This event is associated with the Mpls Aquatennial.
Help is needed in lining up food vendors, exhibits, entertainment, and a children’s area.

3. October 11 Clean Sweep.
Lots of opportunity for volunteers to help all morning from the breakfast at Welna’s to the lunch in Stewart Park.

Notes from Jana:
Event Meeting

Wed., March 19, 2014

Maria’s Cafe
Those attending:  Brad Pass, Katie Kirk, Naomi Mohamed, Donna Neste, Marj Magnusen, Shirley Heyer, & Jana Metge

Thanks to all for coming!!!

First off, congrats to Donna on her retirement!!
*Earth Day, April 26th – Stewart Park – 9 a.m.:
Donna Neste agreed to champion this!
Geu will get flyers from MPRB and Donna will get around.  Jana has Earth day handbills designed by Sunshine (new Midtown Board member).  Jana will distribute to all.
City provides bags and gloves to the Park and the Park provides breakfast!
Midtown role is to recruit volunteers and to greet people as they arrive at Stewart Park that day.
Event is from 9-1:00 – Sat., April 26.
Thank you to Park Commissioner Scott Vreeland for getting Midtown/Stewart Park included in the MPRB Earth Day.
*Midtown Phillips Festival:  An Associated Aquatennial Event – July 26 – Noon to 8.
Food Vendors:  We need 3, no more than 4 so vendors can make money.  Dan should have his pizza food truck ready to go by then.  They must be licensed and approved vendors by city.  Shirley will talk to potential vendors.  Jana will talk with Geu about Vendors and ask Sandy back from last yr.
Park:  Geu has date on calendar.
Shirley would like use of soccer fields for that day for Exhibitions as part of Event.

Exhibits:  Donna will work on Traveling Exhibit from Science Museum.

Petting Zoo:  Jana will work with Pastor Patrick and Geu on this.
Pony Rides/Inflatables:  Book again
Aquatennial paperwork and fee:  Completed and submitted by Jana.  Fee approved and check cut by the 2013 Midtown Board.
Entertainment:  Jana asked for ideas –
• Equadorian dancers – Shirley will check
• Barbara LaShoure – Jana has talked to.
• Dan ideas – Jana will check in with him.
• Marj will ask a musician from her block.
• Checking into a Brass Band connection like Brass Messengers or Sabathanites.
• Little Thunderbirds are in.
• Red Pony – Shirley will talk with them.
• One Ukulele and The Wailing Loons interested in playing.
• Pursue a KFAI connection – Jana & Dan
• Connect with new Boardmember Chris to see if he wants to play.
• Connect with East African community.
• Check with Pastor Patrick on Spoken word performers that were at St Paul’s Church.
• Jeremy Messersmith – check with Sue Weir
Children’s Area:
• Shirley will check with Equadorian group on games
• Donna will check with Justin Irving on games
Resource Booths:  Marj suggested we get the same booths that we had for Annual Meeting.

*October – 2nd Saturday – Phillips Clean Sweep/To do List:
Katie will connect with Midtown Greenway and Nice Ride for Resource Booth participation.
Naomi has reached out to Hope Academy to join us.  She will pursue with Nathan Ziegler.
Naomi will reach out to Hope Community and report back.
Naomi will reach out to Joe Rice & Center School and report back.
Marj asked that we get one person from each block responsible to get that block out and participating!
Shirley suggested that we get St Mary’s involved.  Jana will connect with Veronica.
Jana reported that Community Action is in as a Sponsor and to have a table.
Brad will make Midtown Phillips copies of 2013 sign in sheets.  Get to Marj/Sunshine.
Marj asked that we get the hospitals more involved.  Find the point people to talk with.
Jana will connect with Crystal to get Xcel and the bike at the event.
Brad will send out TShirt Design contest notice.

Welnas Breakfast site – Donna will confirm that Tasha & Justin want to take it on.

Event Assignments:

Katie & Naomi will take on lunch and resource fair again.

Poster  – question raised if there will be a stipend for work or not

Brad will do TShirts and coupons for Maria’s and Welnas again.  He will post the TShirt design contest.  Katie did a project with her Banyan youth and has several designs.  She will forward around.
Event Flyering – Donna will check with new Mt Olive staff and let us know
Volunteer Coordination & Maps – Jana will check in with Mike Tong
Composting – Catherine and Donna will do
Welnas Breakfast site – Donna will confirm with Tasha and Justin Irving.
Marj asked if we could get the same Resource Booths that we had at the Annual Meeting.
We will ask Mad Dads again to bbque lunch.
Clean Sweep application form is done and mailed into the city by Jana.
Stewart Park is reserved for this event.
Find some folks to door knock in areas with children, outreach to Aeon and LSS bldgs.
Next Meeting will feature Fundraising and Resource Fair participants.  Will be scheduled for April / May.

Other News:

Naomi reported that Banya Fundraising is at $1.5 million.  They need $3m to break ground.   Total project cost is $5m.
The goal is to increase attendance from 125 kids to 225 kids and from 75 families to 150 families.  Pre-School thru Adult Education
Brad reported that East Phillips Cultural Center is working on an Event.
Shirley asked that Midtown hold a Community Meeting on the Wentworth Aircraft site and proposal for zoning change.
– Notes submitted by Jana Metge