MPNAI Monthly Members Meeting 10.12.10

Dear friend of Midtown Phillips neighborhood,
Please join us for the next Midtown Phillips regular monthly meeting on October 12, 2010 at Andersen United Community School from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  The agenda for the meeting is attached as well as pasted below.  Also, minutes from recent meetings are attached.


Jacy Hildreth
Secretary for Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Assocation, Inc. (MPNAI)


– Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, Inc. (MPNAI)

Regular Monthly Members Meeting — Tuesday October 12, 2010; 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

LOCATION:  Andersen United Community School—Andersen Lane between East 27th and 28th Streets

(Andersen Lane is one-way going west, off of 12th Ave. S.)

Midtown Phillips—24th to Lake St., Chicago Ave. to Bloomington Ave. S.


1.         1. Adopt tonight’s agenda

          2. Approve minutes from Sept. 14, 2010 regular monthly members meeting

3.       3. Police report – Don Greeley, 3rd precinct Crime Prevention Specialist

4.       4. City Council Report – Council member Gary Schiff

5.       5. Update on Sonny’s

6.       6. Phillips Community Center report

7.       7.  NRP Visioning Task force report

a.       Present DRAFT Review of MPNAI's Phase I  – first step in 3-step process to access our Phase II NRP monies.

b.       Allocation of $2,000 from MPNAI's CDBG budget for legal consultation

8.       8. Housing Task Force report

9.       9. Board Member election – Nomination of Abdul Kareem

10.    10. Stewart park update

11.    11. Announcements

a.     Next MPNAI regular monthly meeting is Tuesday November 9, 2010 at Anderson School, 6-8 pm. Board meeting to follow.

b.     A draft of the MPNAI budget will be presented for consideration. The final budget will be voted on at the December mtg. and presented at the Annual meeting in February.


 MPNAI Board Meeting 8:00-8:30 p.m. (following the regular monthly meeting)

1.       Approve Oct. 12 Board of Directors agenda

2.       Approve minutes of previous meetings – Sept. 14 and 29th.

3.       Approve actions taken at tonight’s – Oct. 12 regular monthly members mtg.

4.       Monthly financial report

5.       Expenditures for coming month.

6.       Computer loss update

7.       Neighborhood group contact info. Action

8.       Confirm calendar dates for board meeting

9.       Motion to adjourn.


Voter Information: Voters must be at least 18 years-old, live in or own business property in Midtown Phillips and show a photo ID from one of the following: Minnesota driver’s license , Minnesota ID card, Military ID card with a local utility bill or rental agreement, Business ID/business card if you are a representative of a business property located within Midtown Phillips, A consulate ID or passport with a local utility bill/rental agreement if you are an immigrant from Mexico or any other country and don’t have a Minnesota ID. [Votantes deben ser 18 años en adelante vivir or ser dueños de casa in Midtown Phillips y traiga una identificacion con fotografia, Licencia de manejar, Identificacion de Minnesota, Identificacion military con su direccion (recibo de pagos de luz, gas or recibo de pago de renta), Si usted es un representante de negocios/una tarjeta de su negocio, Si usted esun residente de Mexico u otro pais traiga su tarjeta consular o pasorte con un prueba de su direccion (recibo, de pagos de luz, gas o recibe de pago de renta)]   [Cod bixiyah waa in da’diisu tahay 18 jir, kuna noolyahay ama ganacsi ku leeyahay Midtown Philips islmarkaana aad tustaa aqoonsiyadan mid ka mid ah oo sawir leh, Ruqsada baabur wadida ee Minasoota, Aqoonsiga Minasoota, Aqoonsiga milatariga oo wata biilasha meesha aad deggantahay ama qandaraaska ijaarka guriga, Kaarka goobta ganacsiga/aqoonsiaga haddii aad tahay wakiil goob ganacsi eek u taal Midtown Philips, Baasboorka ama aqoonsiga qunsilyada ooy wadato biilasha meesha aad deggantahay haddii aad Meksiko ka timid oo aadan laheyn aqoonsi Minasoota.]


MPNAI Board members: Chuck Steddom, Chair (; 612-871-4590), Andrew Eggimann, Treasurer (; 612-399-6221), Shirley Heyer, NRP Visioning Task Force Chair (; 612-590-8978), Jacy Hildreth (; 612-872-4496), Jennifer Naglak, Housing Task Force Chair (, Rachel Maves (