MPD Sector One Update and Crime Alert, 1-19-12

Phillips Community Update

East Phillips – Midtown Phillips – Phillips West – Ventura Village Neighborhoods

Week of Jan. 11-19, 2012

Sector One, 3rd Precinct-MPD



Peavey Park and the Targeted Enforcement (TE) have been extremely quiet. The TE is the area from E. 24 St. to E 28th St. from 15th to Longfellow Ave’s. So.

Officers arrested three people in a vacant, boarded building on the 2600 block of 13th Av S. Among those arrested was one of our chronic offenders who had an outstanding warrant. The other two were citied for trespassing.

On an otherwise very quiet night, officers made a narcotics arrest at 26th and Park Ave. The suspect had crack cocaine and other narcotics on him.

Officers arrested three people on the 2900 block of 18th Av in a stolen car taken in Brooklyn Park.



2800 block of 14 Av S – The County Attorney is reviewing the narcotics cases related to this problem property and considering nuisance charges against the owner.


Under the things could be worse category: Officials in Jakarta, Indonesia, in an effort to prevent people from riding illegally on the roofs’ of commuter trains are trying a new tactic. They are suspending grapefruit size concrete balls on wires from tunnels and other overhead structures that the trains pass under. The hope is that the fear of being struck by one or more of the balls will deter riders from the roofs of the trains.


Crime Alert

On Jan. 19, we issued a crime alert related to two recent robberies on the Midtown Greenway. Incidents like these are relatively rare on the Greenway, but none-the-less very frightening to riders and pedestrians who use the trail. The alert is included in this email.


Questions: Contact CPS Don Greeley at 673-3482 or



Robberies – Midtown Greenway

Jan. 17, 2012

On Jan. 9, (2012) at about 11:20 PM, two victims walking on the Midtown Greenway, at Elliot Ave So. were robbed at gunpoint by two males. Neither victim was physically injured. Victims lost a cell phone, cash and credit cards to the suspects.

On Jan. 16, (2012) at about 10:30 PM, a lone cyclist was knocked off the bicycle by two suspects who demanded money. The robbery occurred at 12 Ave. So. and the Greenway. They took the victim’s backpack containing identification, debit and credit cards, cell phone and other items. Suspects fled when another cyclist approached and yelled at them to stop. The victim sustained injuries to the face.


Suspect Information

We have similar suspect descriptions for both robberies. In one case they were described by the victim as Native American or Hispanic males between 20 and 25 years old. In the other the suspects were described as Native American males between 18 and 22. All suspects were about 6 feet tall. One was described as having a heavy build. All were dressed in black hoodies, caps and trousers. One of the suspects may have been limping.


What you can do

 Be aware of your surroundings. Carry a cell phone. Make yourself familiar with the locations of the “blue light” phones on the Greenway. If you see anything suspicious, call 9-1-1 immediately.

 Be alert to people loitering on the tra

 Become familiar with the locations of the exit ramps.

Ride or walk with a friend if possible, particularly at night.

 If you see someone ahead of you on the trail, trust your instincts.

 Be prepared to turn back and go the other way if you feel you should.

 Contact the Midtown Greenway Association about their bike patrol at 612-879-0103


If you have questions, have information about the robberies or would like personal safety information, contact: CPS Don Greeley at 673-3482 or