Minutes from 5/13 MPNAI Board Meeting

Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Stewart Park (Arts & Crafts Room), 2700 12th Ave S, Minneapolis

Board members present: Gamaliel Ballina, Aaron Lockridge, Jana Metge, Sunshine Sevigny, Katherine Blauvelt, Marj Magnuson

Board members absent: Dan Wilder, Chris Lomheim, Laura Sanchez, Maria Valencia, Veronica Cruz, Evan Hall

Also present: Jennifer Naglak, Abdisalom Ahmed

I.     Call to Order
Gama called the meeting to order.

II.     Announcement
Gama announced that due to personal conflicts he will be unable to continue to chair on the board. He will also be moving outside of the neighborhood into a different city. Aaron took over chairing the evening’s board meeting.

III.    Current Business
• Jana said we don’t have a line item for child care that is needed at some meetings.
MOTION made by Jana to create a line item budget in the CCP grant for $2,500 to be added to our amount. Katherine seconded, motion passed.
• Sunshine, Evan and Aaron have offered to work on revising our graphics.
MOTION made by Marj motion to form subcommittee to work on redesign of logo, website, and other promo materials. Jana seconded; motion passed.
• New Staff:
Hiring committee’s recommendation is to hire staff to handle core support, not organizing, to free up board to handle more outreach and community projects.
Job Description is as follows:
Neighborhood Coordinator
Hours: 20 hours per week 


  • Contract management
  • Monitor neighborhood issues at City Council and Regulatory committees; state and county issues; and with other neighborhood entities
  • Gather information and provide context for neighborhood issues.
  • Take minutes for board and neighborhood meetings and coordinate all neighborhood communications and notifications.
  • Monitor electronic media, mail, web sites and emails. Manage logistics for all neighborhood and board meetings, and communicate with board members
  • Organize and maintain a complete set of records related to the organization;
  • Financial/budget management

Desired qualifications:

  • Financial management experience
  • Well-organized
  • Ability to work independently
Jennifer commented second bullet point will enable the board to be more effective, more connected to the issues.
Katherine said Banyon, Powderhorn, and Waite House were contacted regarding the job opening and if they would be interested in fulfilling the role. Banyon and Powderhorn were not interested, Waite House was potentially interested. Francisco who would approve the position is out of town so contract to come. Most people at Waite House come from Midtown Phillips.

Waite House would get an Administrative fee to manage our staff person by offering one of their PT personnel to us.  They would promote them to FT and then pay benefits for that staff.   In exchange for Waite House upgrading one of their staff, we are giving up our ability to interview and select our own staff for our job.

Jana commented Francisco was elected to the board that advises the NCR commission and would be a strong partner for community engagement.
Waite House may be interested in fulfilling the staff position.
Waite House already pays admin fee that provides benefits. Katherine suggested $15/hr as starting rate but room to negotiate.
Jennifer suggested PPL might be possible resource to contact re interest in staff position.
MOTION made by Jana that Midtown Phillips approve the partnership of a neighborhood non-profit to supervise and pay our staff position. Marj seconded; motion passed.

• Jana said we have leftover money from Phase 1 of NRP.
Jennifer asked what’s the total left over? Somewhere between $27,000 and $41,000 left over. There is some debate as to what’s leftover and best to resolve and to use the money sooner than later. Roll funds into new plan.
MOTION made by Jana that the Board publish in June to move $20,000 of remaining NRP Phase 1 dollars into Phase II Goal 6 Administrative Contract (supply plan oversight/midtown administration). Sunny seconded. Must advertise the move publically.
• Jennifer provided overview of NPR funding history and pointed out in the
back of the NRP guide, there is a survey (created by Dan and Jennifer) with examples of the questions asked of the community when determining key neighborhood concerns. Phase 2 plan was crafted with community building piece that wasn’t funded yet, so we could refocus the interests of the plan to take into consideration the feedback from the survey. Tieing up loose ends of Phase I and building networks with other neighborhoods are next steps. There are also housing issues to address, and a new staff person can help with that.
Jana asked the board to consider what do we want back from our partnerships? Perhaps we should prepare an memorandum of agreement.

IV.    Organization Overview
• Jana gave organization overview:
Articles – Mission – Bylaws – Committee/Board Goals – Funding – Budget – Contracts & Contract Compliance – Bills – Program Evaluation

Outreach in Everything that we Do.

Review Board Orientation Manual
Financial Policies
Conflict of Interest – Should be signed & turned in next month
2014 Budget – Only uses funding we need for this year per goals set.

NRP Phase II – Housing Loans
Admin Contract = Funding for Translators and Translation Equipment

Community Participation Program 2014 –
Partnerships / work with existing entities to conduct outreach, expand membership, expand involvement in Events, gain Volunteers, and get enough momentum to maybe have a Housing Committee in the Fall.

Partnerships in the Grant were identified as:  St. Paul’s Lutheran, Banyan Community, The Mosque, Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre, Waite House, & Stewart Park.

2 of the partners have merged together and will be proposing Outreach projects that they will be doing on behalf of Midtown Phillips at the May Community Meeting.  As a board, we need to decide what outcomes we want to see these partners deliver to us, to build our capacity.

Request budget amendment to add a line item for Childcare and to contract $2,500 of CPP funding not yet contracted, adding it to our existing contract

Everyone take photos of all we do, so that we can show photos and maybe even do an Annual Report next February 2015.

Events Committee – Ongoing – Jana/Chair
Personnel Committee – Ongoing – Katherine/Chair
September Goal – Create an ongoing Housing Committee

V.    Financial Report
• Jana gave financial report:
Midtown Phillips Financial Report
May 2014

Bank Amounts:  as of April 30, 2014
Checking = $14,957.08
Savings = $62.37

Bank Status:
Wings Credit Union – Franklin Branch closed May 1st, 2014; We now have to go to 47th & Chicago to Bank.

I need Aaron and Gama to find a time to go there and add their names as check signers.   We will need to sign checks in June for Midtown Festival,
and in September for Clean Sweep.   I will be talking to Carrie about whether or not CPP funds can be used to support National Night Out parties as we have done the past 2 years.

NRP Phase II Grant:
Contract is complete for Housing Loan Program with Greater Mpls. Housing Corporation.

CPP 2014-2016:
Contract is complete per our approved 2014 budget – in Board manual

CPP 2011-2013:
I wrote into the 2014-2016 grant to roll over unspent funds.  So, the city is holding onto approximately $118,000 in a Midtown Account at CPED Finance for 2012-2013, as well as any unspent funds from 2011-2012 contract that we extended and had been using.

In May, I will be working with Carrie Day and Bob Cooper to ensure close out of 2011-2012 CPP contract, to include writing a program narrative if  needed.   We thought we had done this as a part of the Audit process, but that is now unclear.   I will report back to the board in June.

Accountant Status:
Barry Rogers & Company is our new Accountant.  I met with him 2 weeks ago and met the staff person assigned to Midtown.  They will begin doing Midtown’s books effective Jan. 1, 2014.

They would like to come to the Board, but would like to get our reports up to date for 2014 with monthly reconciliations, we are working on a new Check approval form that is clear with check number, budget line items, and funding source.  June may be too early for them to come and if we have no meeting in July, they will come in August 2014.

In the meantime, I have been working with Lottsa Tax & Accounting, our prior Accountant to close out 2013 and to complete the 990 and AG Charities Division Annual Report.   I gathered all information necessary for 1099’s and gave to Lottsa and they completed the 1099’s, sent them back to me and I mailed them out.  Anyone whom we pay over $600 that is an Independent contractor (Musician) or a LLC, receives a 1099.  I collect W-9 tax forms at Midtown Festival on ALL musicians that we pay.

Tax Filing:
The IRS 990 and AG form are due May 15th.  I have asked Lottsa to file an extension since it appears that the work will not be completed by then.

To Do:
•          Complete Accountant Transfer by June 2014
•          Complete and turn into CPED/NCR any needed Program Report
•          Complete any End of Year Reimbursement for 2013 / CPP funds
•          Ensure that the Tax Extension is filed
•          Close out 2013 Year with Lottsa
•          Ensure that the Tax filing is completed
•          Work with Barry Rogers & Company on Jan.-May 2014 monthly
•          Complete the Update of our Check Request form
•          Bring 2013 Year End P & L’s & Balance sheets to June 2014 Brd Mtg
•          Bring updated Balance Sheets & P & L’s to the August 2014 Brd. Mtg

MOTION made by Jana to amend the 2014 operating budget by $20,000.
Katherine seconded; motion passed.
Bylaws may need to be amended.
MOTION made by Katherine to make Sunshine a third check-signer per our bylaws. Marj seconded; motion passed.

VI.     Ventura Village Update
• Katherine: VV meeting tomorrow night (Wed May 14). She met with VV and prepared our common stance on the issue.
MOTION made by Katherine that the board submit a letter of our stance to city commission planning regarding Ventura Village. Marj seconded; motion passed.
The following will be shared with the City Commissions:

To the Minneapolis Planning Commission Members:

I write on behalf of the Board of the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, which represents many residents who live near the 24th Street Village Mall.  We support the entrepreneurs that make their living in the Mall.   At the same time, the location of the Mall was never designed to support the hundreds of daily visitors and, most importantly, the City has never brought the site into compliance with current regulations.
The Mall is in the middle of a densely residential neighborhood.  As the CPED report states, at several points the City has “varied” parking requirements – over 200 spaces! – such that the site greatly lacks the parking necessary to support current use.  Every day, residents experience noise, litter, traffic congestion, dangerous driving maneuvers that endanger pedestrians, illegal parking, et al.
In addition, the site engenders a great deal of activity. Over the past year, the Village Market had 285 service calls to its location – police, fire and EMT (see attached spreadsheet).  Simply put, the neighborhood is already stressed and experiencing negative impacts and an expansion would further hurt neighborhood livability.
In April, at our community meeting, our neighborhood unanimously voted to oppose the expansion, stating:  “Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association expresses dissatisfaction and opposition to the proposed expansion of the Village Market, due to the inadequate attention to livability issues including parking, traffic flow, crime and safety, litter and current zoning violations.”  In addition, Ventura Village neighborhood association recently voted to approve the expansion only contingent on first fixing the chronic problems associated with the mall. In other words, the neighborhoods are united in saying: do not approve expansion plans until progress is made to improve livability issues.
You must separate the need to improve the site from the Mall developer’s request to expand.  We can all agree that building appearance, traffic patterns and are important issues to be addressed.  However, progress could be made on these issues without an expansion. The City is not without recourse and can and should act to address the fact Mall does not meet code requirements for traffic management, land use, and building condition.
The mall produces an inappropriate amount of traffic on residential streets surrounding the premise.  CPED argues that this application will improve traffic flow.  However, it ignores the simple fact that traffic is simply too great already to support additional visitors.
The proposed expansion amounts to over 8,000 square feet, with 16 new parking spaces.  That amounts to only 2 new parking spaces for every thousand square feet. In addition, the City has not specified any limits to the number of new tenants in the additional space.   Incredibly, in their statement of support for the expansion, CPED argues that “providing more on-site parking will alleviate neighborhood concerns about a lack of parking for the shopping center.”  This statement is preposterous. The proposed additional parking is still at an insufficient amount to provide what the addition would call for under code let alone what the existing use needs.
It is your duty to recognize this mall for what it is—a site in desperate need of attention, not in need of expansion.  As such, you should not condone additional expansion until the City has brought this site into compliance with its own written regulations.

Jana will follow up with people who can support Katherine at city commission meeting as well.

VII.     Pending business to be addressed 
• Have to do another internal audit. Jana will create filebox. Dan has all the receipts, he needs to hand them off. Aaron will contact Dan to get files.

VIII.     Announcements
• No annoucements

IV.     Meeting Adjournment