Minneapolis insulation and solar bulk-buying opens and new Our Power meeting date

September 2012

Thanks for standing with us for a better energy future in South Minneapolis. In this update, we want to let everyone know about a major opportunity hosted by Our Power partner Cooperative Energy Futures for Minneapolis residents to join with their neighbors to save money and effort by installing solar panels, home insulation, or do-it-yourself weatherization as a group. Also included is an update on our next South Minneapolis community energy planning gathering in October so you can save the date. 

Bulk Buy for Insulation and Solar Launches in Minneapolis
Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF) is a Minneapolis based community energy cooperative that is helping neighbors and businesses save money on insulation and solar panels with four unique programs.  A series of workshops have been scheduled to showcase the four innovative programs CEF offers – Neighborhood Insulation, Grow Solar, Weatherization Work Parties and Make Mine Solar.  Working together as a community, and buying in bulk (http://cooperativeenergyfutures.com/bulk-buying/), makes the process easier, cheaper, and fun. These workshops are a great opportunity for community residents to learn about these opportunities and how they can get involved.
Last winter, Cooperative Energy Futures ran a bulk purchase program for home insulation in Minneapolis. In a bulk-buy scenario, CEF serves as a vehicle for neighbors to collectively bid out an order for home insulation to certified installers. Buying in bulk reduces cost, project time, and ensures greater quality control.
CEF’s Grow Solar program takes the same model of community purchasing and applies it towards solar-electric modules. This program is open for business and residential properties. With the uncertainty of Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards program for 2013, the “Minneapolis Grow Solar” bulk buy will ensure affordable installation opportunities with or without rebates.
Neighborhood energy bulk-buying services Cooperative Energy Futures offers:

Cooperative Energy Futures has partnered up with the MRES to provide solar site assessments as a first step for all participants and is also cross-promoting their Make Mine Solar program for residents who want to buy solar hot water or solar air heat systems.
Visit any one of the following community workshops sponsored by the following hosts to learn more about these opportunities:

Date            Time          Hosted by               Location
9/26 Wed      6-8pm        Eastside Coop          2551 Central Ave. 
10/4 Thur      6-8pm        Longfellow Park        3435 36th Ave. S
10/9 Tues     6-8pm        Powderhorn Park      3400 15th Ave. S
10/17 Wed    6-8pm        Midtown Global         920 E Lake Street

Contact for more information:
Brendan Pierce
CEF Bulk-Buying Intern
(612) 568-2334

Next meeting:

The next Our Power community gathering has been moved to Wednesday October 10th from 6-8PM. Matt Kazinka, who coordinated the green business program at the Latino Economic Development Center, is hosting a potluck gathering for everyone interested in local energy solutions at 3036 Longfellow Ave. S (just south and east of Cedar and Lake). Bring a dish if you can, or just join us! Please join us for:

  • Updates on the neighborhood outreach of the Our Power campaign and several partners

  • Updates on the 2012-2013 round of Community Action weatherization, and what opportunities are available for households this winter

  • Discussing innovative energy solutions that community members are developing

  • Planning how to support the emerging block groups and neighborhood energy teams that have started to emerge

  • Discussing where the campaign should go in 2013

I look forward to seeing you there!


Timothy DenHerder-Thomas
MN Our Power