Midtown Phillips Monthly Members Meeting 4/26

Tonight is the monthly members meeting for the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association.

They sent this note and agenda out at 11pm on 4/25.

Dear Neighbors of Midtown Phillips,

Here is the agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting, 6-8 PM at Stewart Park. Please take note that we will be selecting people for the employment committee which will be tasked with selecting criteria for hiring a staff person for our neighborhood. This is an exciting prospect and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this.

1. Welcome
2. Community announcements
    a. Community safety meeting at AAIC on Wednesday, March 27th
    b. Others?
3. Approve minutes from December and Annual Meeting
4. Discuss possible partnerships
    a. Motion to approve $250 for Alley’s April Pool special edition pullout section
5. Discussion around hiring staff person and their duties – volunteers for Employment Committee?
6. Expanding the board
     a. Motion to expand the board by dividing the neighborhood into geographical sections and having an
     additional representative from each area (an additional 4 – 6 board members)
7. Adjourn
Thank you,

Dan Wilder, MPNAI Board President

[gview file=”https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17894839/MPNAI/Meeting%20agendas/3.13_Members%20agenda.pdf”]