Midtown Business Association No December Meeting

Meeting Notice
    Midtown Business Association
    No December Meeting
    Next Meeting Tuesday, January 19, 2016, Noon at the Midtown Sheraton

Minutes from November 17, 2015 meeting:

We voted not to have a December meeting.  There might be a December social event instead.  Officer elections in January.
Baba talked about 18 people who applied to take over the Sonora Grill space.  Taco Cat  will be open soon.  There will be a couple of gift shows coming up: Green Gift Fair and No Coast.  The book bindery will be open soon.  Global Marketplace is not doing anything special as a group for BlackFriday, but some of the retailers may do something.
Julie talked about Plaid Friday instead of Black Friday–concentrating on small independent businesses.  Small Business Saturday is the day after Black Friday.
John reported on the homicide at 2 am Monday morning on the 2800 block of 15th Ave. S.  The man was dead on location, the woman was brain dead at the scene but was taken to the hospital.  The man had been arrested 52 times before with many convictions; the woman had been arrested 7 times with several convictions.  The police suspect the killer is not a threat to the general public.
John talked about some public meetings on preventing crime.  Lighting things up at night helps a lot.  There are two Lake St. areas of concentrated police activity when they are not needed elsewhere: between Chicago and 35-W and the area around Bloomington-Lake.  Two more beat cops will be added to the precinct in January.  Undercover work on prostitution and drug dealing have almost stopped as the administration tries to come up with new rules to govern those functions.  Julie talked about a community crime meeting that resulted in a lot of people being upset by the response of the police at the meeting.
Joseph reported on the crime problems in the area around last Monday’s murders and around Bloomington-Lake.
Dave B. talked about the upcoming Lake St. Council fundraiser.
There was discussion of the wraps on telephone boxes to prevent graffiti.
Don Blyly            Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore
Dave Johnson            Chicago-Lake Dental
Baba Letang            Global Market
John Bauman            Midtown Safety Center
Dave Burrill            Midtown Exchange
Julie Ingebretsen        Ingebretsen’s
Joseph Spangle        Lodging House
Evan Hall            Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association