Midtown Business Association Meeting 11/17/15

Meeting Notice
    Midtown Business Association
    Tuesday, November 17, 2015
    Noon at the Sheraton Hotel, 2901 Chicago Ave. S.
    Midtown Business Association
    Next Meeting Tuesday, December 15, 2015 (if we decide to have a December meeting)


Minutes from October 20, 2015 meeting:

After everybody had introduced themselves, Melissa from Securenet talked about co-operation between police and private security cameras (exterior only) owned by local businesses, to deter and solve crimes.  Dave J. asked if there was a  list of preferred brands of cameras or any group buying–No.  Allison asked if there were any city grant programs to help with the cost of the camera; nobody was aware of any such programs.  Dave J. said he has a 4-camera set-up at his cabin up north, and it saves the images for a substantial period of time and he can call it up on his smart phone and watch live from Minneapolis what is happening at the cabin, and the system cost about $800.
John said that the chief of police has been advocating for increasing the size of the police force since her term began, and a new batch of rookies will be hitting the streets soon.
Dave B. talked about the upcoming Lake St. Council Fundraiser and Winetaster (Nov. 19).  This year it will be on the third floor and will have live music.  Deadline is Oct. 31 for donations to the silent auction
The holiday wreaths are going up before Thanksgiving.  The wreaths will all have new bows, but Dave J. asked for suggestions for where to put the old bows.
Special Service District repainted a bunch of light poles, but the contractor painted them the wrong color and had to come back and paint them again the correct color.
Baba talked about new businesses that want to move into the Global Marketplace.
The new restaurant going into the former Kaplan Bros. building will probably be open in a couple of weeks.
John gave an update on the shooting at Lake & Park.  It only took 4 days to arrest the suspect, and they had 6 witnesses right away.  John passed around photos and information about a couple of people who are frequent problems that he is looking for impact statement regarding.
Allison talked about efforts to let people on the Greenway know about what was available in the Lake St. area.
Joseph talked about an effort to get a zoning change on the former Sears service center.

Don Blyly            Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore
Dave Johnson            Chicago-Lake Dental
Baba Letang            Global Market
John Bauman            Midtown Safety Center
Dave Burrill            Midtown Exchange
Mark Simon            Roberts Realty
Allison Sharkey        Lake St. Council
Melissa Wisniewski        Securenet
Joseph Spangle        Lodging House
Matt Truskolaski        Sheraton Midtown