Midtown Business Association Meeting 10/16

   Meeting Notice

    Midtown Business Association
    Tuesday, October 16, 2012
    Noon at the Sheraton Hotel, 2901 Chicago Ave. S.

    Midtown Business Association
    Next Meeting Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Wreath locations
Christmas promotions
Holiday events
New business

Minutes from September 18, 2012 meeting:
    After everybody had introduced themselves, John said that the 3rd Precinct has three targeted enforcement areas, one of which is the area around 29th St. and 15th Ave., and there have been many arrests there.  Also, there’s interest in lining up mural locations in areas that are frequently hit with graffiti.  Phillips Clean Sweep is Saturday, October 13.
    Museum in the Streets–installation is done, with the grand opening next week.  Dave J. wonders how they will survive snow plowing.
    Fall business update.  US Bank says that interest rates have gone down over the past 3 months.  Roberts has been increasing the amount of clothing they carry, and that has been doing well (especially NFL team jackets), but retail is still weak in general.  Competition for internet business has gotten really fierce with the big guys.  The Sheraton is doing better this year than last year, even though the downtown convention business is down from last year.  Only about 35% of their business is now related to the hospital.  The Safety Center has had a busy season of having a presence at various community gatherings.  John has been busy with the court watch project.  Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association has had a busy and successful summer, and has been watching how successful the 38th and Chicago Business Association has been. Julie suggested having a joint meeting with them.  Julie reported Ingebretsen’s is 91 years old and internet business has been steady for them.  Facebook has been useful to them and they are thinking about getting into Twitter.  They sponsored a day ($500 cost) at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, promoting the business and demonstrating cooking, but not actually selling anything there.  Retail has been pretty flat.  Dave. B. talked about the Wine and Beer Tasting coming up and about 35W access at Lake St.  The northbound entrance to 35W is extremely expensive, but the southbound exit from 35W is not so expensive–but not all of the city council members are supporting it.  A couple of new restaurants are going into the Global Marketplace.  Banners are going up for bids.  Uncle Hugo’s reported walk-in business pretty flat, but mail order up significantly. Heart of the Beast Theater is doing okay.  The Christmas show will be done at several locations.  Hidebound is an upcoming play (October 18-28) and is part of a 17-play series that is very political.  Dave J. talked about Dental Clinic promotions, and about the new generation of laser drilling without needing pain-killers. He also talked about street cleaning and his Pine City area outdoors activities.  Mark talked about the t-shirt printer in his building.
    We discussed the new parking meter that just got installed in the Chicago-Lake area.  We also discussed the former carpeting building on Lake and the former gas station at Lake & Park, which is apparently being rebuilt.

Don Blyly            Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore
Dave Burrill            Ryan Companies
Dave Johnson            Chicago-Lake Dental
Mark Simon            Roberts Shoe
Julie Ingebretsen        Ingebretsens
Andy Finsness            Sheraton
Rick Bernardo            Heart of the Beast Theater
Loren Niemi            Heart of the Beast Theater
Matt Maslowski        US Bank
Becky Timm            Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association
John Bauman            Midtown Safety Center