Join a Solar Power Cooperative

From E-Democracy:

Some states have thousands of households installing solar on their homes
every year with little or no upfront cost. What makes Minnesota, where
households usually pay over $15,000 to go solar, any different?

The answer is solar leasing.

Cooperative Energy Futures is now participating in growing Minnesota’s
first solar leasing program, supporting our members in generating clean
energy and cutting their energy costs from month one.

*Join Now:*This program relies on the Minnesota Made Solar Incentive
program, and applications close February 28th, 2014: if you’re
interested, please contact CEF member and Solar Leasing coordinator
Bruce Konewko right away to schedule a solar site assessment
(612) 568-2334. By participating you will:

* Get clean, solar energy generated on your home
* Pay no money down and pay less each month than you would from your
current energy supplier
* Join neighbors to grow a cooperative pioneering community-based
energy solutions that confront climate change, create local jobs,
and build community wealth

*How It Works:* You get a 3-10kW solar array (based on roof size, and
designed to cover as much, but no more than 120%, of your electrical
consumption as possible) installed on your home for no upfront cost. You
pay a monthly bill for the electricity generated by the panel at 75% of
your current electrical rate for 15 years. After 15 years, the solar
array transfers to your full ownership and you get 10 fully warrantied
years of free power production. During the first 15 years, you can
expect to save $150-$300/year from your solar array, and after the lease
expires, you can expect savings of over $1,000/year.