Help us fix the Hiawatha Substation design

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Hiawatha Substation Design

Memberhship Benefit Spotlight: Holy Land Restaurant and Deli

seperatorHiawatha Substation Design

We have one more battle on our hands related to the high voltage lines project.  Yes, we were successful in getting the Hiawatha Project transmission lines ordered underground, but now we are struggling with recent decisions that have a major negative impact on trail users.  Only by generating comments to the Public Utilities Commission will we be successful in correcting this problem. 

The design for the Xcel Hiawatha Substation has changed since it was approved by an Advisory Work Group of local citizens.  Xcel completely did away with any art walls on the east side, resulting in an unscreened view of the substation for trail users approaching from the east.  The new design favors the obstructed and distant views of the structure from people in cars and trains on Hiawatha/55, at the expense of the views of people using the Greenway.   Click here to see the pictures that tell the whole story.

Please join us at an Xcel Open House on October 30th, from 5 – 7 p.m., at Plaza Verde (1516 E. Lake Street).  Share your opinion about the new design and even more importantly, share you comments directly with the state of MN/Public Utilities Commission before October 31- email Bill Storm at  Thank you!

More information, plus a copy of the resolution we are proposing to Xcel can be found here.

seperatorMembership Benefit Spotlight: Holy Land Restaurant and Deli

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