Graffiti Remover Available

Below you’ll find  new information on dealing with graffiti from the City of Minneapolis. Please note that you can also pick up free graffiti remover here at Midtown Safety Center.


Let me know if you have questions or need more information. And please help us spread the word! Thanks.


John R. Baumann

Midtown Community Safety Center

Minneapolis Police Department

2949 Chicago Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407





Help wipe out graffiti: free graffiti cleanup solvent at Minneapolis fire stations

Minneapolis residents and property owners are encouraged to help Minneapolis wipe out graffiti. Last year graffiti cost the City just over $1 million, and 8,180 cases of graffiti were reported. But it has other costs too. It makes neighborhoods and commercial districts look and feel unsafe, and that can harm property values and retail revenues – especially for small, neighborhood businesses.

Left alone, graffiti attracts more graffiti. Graffiti that is not cleaned off or covered up promptly is more likely to return.

The City is getting the anti-graffiti message out in June with an informational video in EnglishSpanishSomali and Hmong; a public service announcement (PSA) airing on Comcast Cable channels in Minneapolis; and digital billboards displayed by Clear Channel Outdoor. The public service announcement time is donated by Comcast, and the billboards are donated by Clear Channel Outdoor.

Report it

If you see someone vandalizing property or committing any other crime, call 911.

Anyone who sees graffiti in their neighborhoods should report it to the City by:

  • Calling 311.
  • Using the City’s 311 smartphone app, which lets you snap a picture of the graffiti and send it with your report along with the location provided by the GPS on your phone.
  • Using

Remove it

It is the property owner’s responsibility to clean up graffiti. AllMinneapolis fire stations offer free graffiti removal solvent to Minneapolis property owners, and the City website has instructions for graffiti removal.

Prevent it

The best way to fight graffiti is to prevent it. There are ways to make your property less of a target for graffiti. For instance, a wall with a mural or plants in front of it is less likely to be tagged by a graffiti vandal. It can also help to add lights to your property.

For more tips on fighting graffiti, check