Community Impact Statement for Germaine Rogers

A Community Impact Statement form is attached to the email.

Hi. We are now looking for community impact statements on Germaine Rogers. He will next be going to court on July 21 for felony theft of motor vehicle in Brooklyn Center and several misdemeanors in Minneapolis.

Rogers is a frequent offender on and near Lake St. In the current cases, he was arrested in Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Central and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods. I have attached the impact statement request and reprinted it below.

MR. Rogers is a long term chronic offender. He has been arrested over 200 times for a variety of crimes.

Please write a brief impact statement if you have been affected by Rogers’ actions or similar behavior by othersYou don’t have to be a great writer! You might start by stating how you have been affected: financially, emotionally, physically and so on. You might end by saying what you hope the court will do: send the person to jail, order the person to get treatment, order the person to get employment, order the person to stay out of a particular area (i.e. a geographic restriction for a particular neighborhood), etc.  Remember that it is more important to send an impact statement than to worry about how it is written. Just send it! Whatever you write will be presented and can improve the safety of your community.

 If you want to remain anonymous, I will give you a Court Watch number. Call or e-mail me. Otherwise, please put only your name and the date on your statement. ( Please give me your address and best phone number separately; these are for our files and won’t go to the courts.)  

Please get your impact statement to me as soon as possible and no later thanFriday, July 11. You can return your statement to me or by FAX at 612-825-1061 or at 2949 Chicago Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Please share this message with anyone who might want to write an impact statement.  Thank you for your help!

 ohn R. Baumann

Midtown Community Safety Center

Minneapolis Police Department

2949 Chicago Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407


John Baumann, Crime Prevention Specialist
Midtown Safety Center, 2949 Chicago Ave. S.
(612) 825-6138

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