BYI Gathering on Ritual & Ceremony in Healing @ Hope Community 12/2

You are invited to a Backyard Initiative Community Forum:

“The Role of Ritual and Ceremony in the Healing Process”
This Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Hope Community
611 Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Breakfast is served at 8:00am
Join us as we engage in discussion, sharing, and self-study to surface our rituals and ceremonies of healing and resiliency.
Agenda will include:
* Rituals and Ceremonies of Dakota Cultural Elders. 
*Dialogue: How do cultural groups ritualize their ways of healing?
Are there rituals and ceremonies currently at play that we do not name? How does surfacing our rituals and ceremonies continue the work of the community’s healing and realizing the community’s vision of the definition of health?
There are cultural practices—ceremonies and rituals—which have lasted through time and have kept many people in many communities from being destroyed by the destructive forces which their people have suffered.
Generally speaking rituals and the ceremony speak to the healing philosophies of cultural groups. In many instances these same rituals have gone underground. Resurfacing these activities—rituals and ceremonies—is a way to engage each of our cultural groups in authentic ways to exchange knowledge about healing.
We want to engage the healing of all who live in the Backyard and engage the knowledge of their people which has held them in tact over time.
***Please RSVP to the Cultural Wellness Center at (612) 721-5745***