Attempted Kidnapping in Midtown

Attempted Kidnapping                                      September 27, 2011


On Monday, September 26th, about 3:30 pm, a 14-year-old female was walking home from South High School.  She noticed a black 4-door vehicle because of its horn honking.  The young girl continued to walk home and noticed that the vehicle appeared to be following her.


As she was walking on the 10th Avenue bridge over the Midtown Greenway, she was grabbed from behind by the suspect from the vehicle.  The suspect attempted to force the victim into the car.  The victim fought back and was able to get away from the suspect who fled Northbound on 10th Avenue South.


The suspect is described as a black male, 27-33 years old, medium complexion, 6’2”-6’3” with braided hair and a goatee.  He was wearing a long red t-shirt and black jeans.  The vehicle is a black 4-door with the license plate starting with the letter “K”. 


What you can do:

Here are some helpful tips that parents can use when talking to their children about personal safety:

·         Call 911 immediately on anyone suspicious.

·         Cellphones and Ipods can be distracting.  Stay alert to your surroundings—be aware of who is ahead of you and behind you.

·         If at all possible, travel in groups or pairs, not alone.

·         Be aware of vehicles idling or strangers loitering nearby.

·         If you think someone is following you, switch directions and walk to a place where there are other people.

·         Be wary of isolated spots when you’re on the street.



·         Call attention to yourself by yelling, scream or making other noises to attract attention to the attacker.

·         Call 911 and report it immediately.

·         Do what you need to do to survive.

·         Inform the responding officers if you see something that may have been handled or left behind by the suspect (cigarette butt, pop can, etc.).

If you have any questions, either contact Crime Prevention Specialist Don Greeley for the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood (612/673-3482 or or Crime Prevention Specialist Karen Notsch for the Corcoran Neighborhood (612/673-2856 or



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