Alliance Housing Open House – TONIGHT

We hope that you will join us for a quick tour of the renovations…..



Please join Alliance Housing Inc.

 At an Open House

Showcasing the Work of

Hennepin County Sentence to Service

 Tuesday, February 23, 2010

 4:00 – 5:30

2810 Bloomington Avenue

The renovation project is a partnership with Hennepin County and Sentence to Service.  The project has been funded through the generous donations of private foundations, churches, individuals, the Federal Home Loan Bank, Franklin Bank, and Hennepin County.

About Alliance Housing

Alliance Housing develops, owns, and operates affordable housing for poor and homeless people. Started in 1991 by residents and staff of St. Stephen’s Emergency Shelter, Alliance Housing places homeless single adults and families in rooms and apartments in south Minneapolis. Prospective residents must be able to pay their rent and respect the property and their neighbors.

Since 1996, Alliance Housing has also developed larger supportive housing projects in partnership with the Central Community Housing Trust and RS Eden. This housing requires that residents keep clean and sober. 211 single adults and families live in this housing, all of whom were homeless at move-in.

Alliance Housing has 3 or so supportive houses located in Midtown Phillips. Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, Inc. recommended last year per their request that we supported their opportunity public funds for exterior rehab and some interior.

About Hennepin County Service to Sentence 

On any given day, about 5,000 adult and juvenile offenders are supervised in Hennepin County on the Sentencing to Service Program. The program provides offenders with a safe environment in which to learn job skills and gain self confidence, while completing community improvement and restoration projects. STS provides a structured work option within the criminal justice system that is responsive to the need for offender accountability. Victims are compensated and communities restored for the harm done by offenders.

In 2008, adult and juvenile STS crews completed more than 280,000 hours of work and community service valued at $2.5 million. STS is administered by the Community Offender Management division of the Hennepin County Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation.