4 – $5000 Down Payment Assistance Grants Left

Please be advised that the Phillips Partnership, thru PPL, has only 4 Down Payment Assistance Grants of $5,000 each left,  to use toward the purchase of a home as a principal residence in our Grant Corridor.


The Grant Corridor is the same geographical area as the Home Improvement Grant that many of you are also familiar with, defined within the following borders:


1.       Chicago Avenue on the West

2.       Lake Street on the South

3.       24th Street on the North

4.       12th Avenue on the East (including the East side of 12th Avenue).


If you know of someone that is buying a home in this area, please advise them of the $5,000 Down Payment Assistance Grant and have them inquire by calling PPL at  612-455-5221. If you see a “For Sale” sign in the front yard of a home next to you, or on your block in this corridor, please advise the Realtor of the Down Payment Assistance program, as an incentive for a new home buyer. Remember, there are only 4 of these Grants remaining and we want them to be committed by the end of August to ensure eligibility.

From Bill Bryant