3rd Precinct Police Advisory Council to meet Monday, March 25

The 3rd Precinct Police Advisory Council (3-PAC) will meet Monday, March 25, from 6:30pm to 8pm in the Precinct Community Room, 3000 Minnehaha Avenue S. The public is welcome. This is a good opportunity to meet police personnel, including Inspector Michael Sullivan, commander of the precinct; Lt. Dan May, head of the precinct’s Community Response Team (undercover officers whose investigations include narcotics and prostitution); and the crime prevention specialists who serve the four sectors of the precinct. An Assistant City Attorney also attends.

Many neighborhood and community organization representatives also participate,  as well as block leaders, business people and other residents.  Bring your questions, comments and concerns.    Here is the agenda for March 25:

6:30pm : Call to order, Introductions, January meeting minutes, Treasurer’s report, and plans for the Precinct Open House on May 17.

6:45pm: State of the Precinct –Inspector Sullivan details activities and changes at the precinct, announces  Officers of the Month, and responds to questions.

7:15pm: Report from the Community Response Team.

7:30pm:  Update on 3rd Precinct Property Crimes Courtwatch

7:35pm:  Reports from the Crime Prevention Specialists on actions and trends for neighborhoods.

7:50pm:  Discussion of better advertising for 3-PAC

8:00pm  Adjournment

For questions, contact: CHairperson Gwen McMahon, 612-722-2241

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